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It is our view that, along with expert testimony, the best service we can provide is to advise you, early on, as to the strengths and weaknesses of your client's position.

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Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness

Ed Wells

Mr. Wells’ expertise is primarily focused upon the analysis of traffic collisions. He analyzes collisions involving all classes of wheeled vehicles, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trains, buses, motorcycles and bicycles that interact with each other, with fixed objects, or with pedestrians. Effectively all forms of traffic crash reconstruction is performed by Mr. Wells.  He performs crush deformation analysis of the damaged vehicles and evaluates the evidence remaining after the collision to help resolve issues relating to position on the roadway, vehicle dynamics, occupant kinematics and the associated time distance relationships. The physics principles and mathematical relationships are used to determine the primary cause and contributing factors of these collisions.

Ed Wells and Associates employs a team to prepare demonstrative evidence exhibits, including charts, diagrams and animations to help illustrate his opinions. The team creates computer generated animations to provide the trier of fact with real time and slow motion views, from any angle, of an accident that are both accurate and photo-realistic illustrations of his opinions. He also has established close relationships with experts in related fields to assist in his analysis when the issues to be resolved fall outside his own expertise.  Mr. Wells team serves the Seattle metro area and Washington and Oregon.

Current News

Ed Wells & Associates Inc, has recently associated with Kimberly Millen Brown and her company, Photo-Grammetrics.  Kim and her longtime partner, the late Jack Whitnall, were pioneers in forensic photography and developed reliable methods to locate physical evidence that had appeared in photographs taken at the scene. They took Perspective Grid Photography to a new level and trained many in law enforcement to use it. They later developed another scientific method for locating that long-gone evidence; Reverse Projection Technique. With that methodology, they made a negative image of the evidence photograph, placed it under the ground glass of the camera and viewed it through the viewfinder. By lining up permanent reference points from the evidence photograph with those same features at the scene, they could identify the location of the critical, but no longer present, evidence. Kim is carrying on their business through an association with Ed Wells.  Her work is instrumental in resolving issues that without which, cannot be solved by accident reconstructionists.